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The  BP 20-40  shotblasting machine cleans steel and features modular construction that allows the machine to be dismantled to fit through a 24” manhole.  The BP 20-40 has a 20” blast pattern, a forty horsepower electric motor, and an on-board dust collector which, results in superior cleaning performance and the highest production on the market today.  The BP 20-40 is the most powerful, most productive, and only breakdown machine on the market which features a 40 horsepower electric motor and an on-board dust collector.  The BP 20-40 can be dismantled, fit through a 24” manhole, and reassembled by two men in one hour.

The BP 20-40 is the most advanced steel cleaning system on the market today. It is ideal for cleaning floors and roofs of storage tanks and, when used in conjunction with the BP 9-54 dust collector, is ideal for non-skid removal on ship decks.  The BP 20-40 is also ideal for  ½” to 1” removal on concrete decks for overlays.

The following data is from an actual new 295 foot diameter oil storage tank -

    • The BP-20-40 provided a SSPC-SSPC10 (near white) blast with a surface profile of 3 Mils on millscaled steel.
    • The BP-20-40 breakdown machine was able to be reassembled fitting through a 24” manhole with two men within two hours.


  • Model Number: BP-20-40
  • Travel Speed: 2.5 - 95 ft/min
  • Blast Pattern: 20"
  • Production Capacity: Up to 940 sq. ft./hr
    on bare steel
  • Blast Wheel Power: 40 h.p.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
    with DC onboard - 64” x 93” x 27”
    w/o DC onboard - 64” x 70” x 27”
  • Weight: 1542 lbs.

  • Dust Collector Recommendations
    • Steel: BP 20-40 with on board dust collector
    • Non-Skid: BP 20-40 with 9-54 dust collector
    • Concrete: BP 20-40 with 9-54 dust collector

    Includes onboard dust collector

BlastPro BP-20-40
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