Scan Maskin


Scan Combiflex 45CombiFlex 45

Scan Combiflex 45 is the first machine of a new generation of floor grinders that combines
the small size of the large grinding force. Although the machine is so light (60 kg) is very robust. There are no plastic parts, everything is made of steel, which makes it very durable and steady running. The design with vulcanised rings reduces vibration and makes the machine very responsive to Ojam of floor space. Enfasmatningen further confirms Scanmaskins focus on user friendliness and flexibility.

Scan Combiflex 45 is designed to grind concrete, stone and float trowel. The grind away paint, carpet adhesive and impurities without problems. The machine is a wide selection of abrasive segments for different bases and conditions.

Scan Combiflex 500i

Combiflex 500i

Scan Combiflex 500i is the first grinder that combines the strengths of the grinding method with three grinding wheels rotating at a large disc rotating in the opposite direction, with the ability to grind at high speed on the discs, and greater emphasis on maskinen.Detta gives the user a highly effective and powerful machine at grinding of concrete and stone surfaces, but the great advantage reflected in remediation and removal of paint, coatings and contaminants from the floor. Scan Combiflex 500i is built entirely of steel with no fragile plastic parts. The design of very strong vulcanized disc holder reduces vibration and makes the machine responsive to unevenness in the floor. This design provides high reliability without stopping and maintenance. Scan Combiflex 500i is the ideal machine for grinding of concrete, stone, terazzo. The machine is very effective at removing paint, carpet adhesives, coatings, surface filler, etc. To Scan Combi Flex 500 is a great variety of abrasive segments, rivsegment and sandpaper the surface and changing conditions.