Super-krete products       Super-krete products that CSS regularly stocks are as follows:

Color Stain - Achieves A Decorative Acid Stain Look Without The Hazard Or Special Handling. Color Stain Water-based, Penetrating, Non-acidic, Acrylic/ Urethane Emulsion Creates A Natural Look On New And Existing Surfaces. Color Stain Is Durable And Protive, It Can Be Brushed, Sprayed Or Sponged On To Create Even, Mottled, Or Marbleized Effects. Color Stain Is Available In A Variety Of Colors. Color Stain Is An Easy Application And Requires A Water Clean Up.

Bond-Kote - Is The Ultimate Concrete Repair Product! Bond-Kote Eliminates The Need To Remove And Replace Old, Damged Concrete. Just Add Water And Apply Bond-Kote As A Thin-set Overlayment With A Super-Krete Squeegee To Repair, Restore, And Strengthen Concrete Surfaces. Bond- Kote Is Unaffected By Freeze/ Thaw Conditions And Salt Treatments. Bond-Kote Is Available In White Or Gray.

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Micro-Bond - Is Made Especially For Micro-topping, This Cementitious Product Contains Extremely Fine Sands To Create A Smoother Finish. Micro-Bond Is The Smart Solution For Repairing And Resurfacing Concrete Interior Floors, Countertops And Decorative Art Surfaces. Micro-Bond Is Available In White & Gray.
  Super-Krete is Green
Super-Stamp - Is A Single Component Super Product Which Maintains A 1/4 Thickness Profile That Enables The Installer To Transform Bland Concrete Into Beautiful Patterns Such As Stone, Brick, And Slate In One Application. Super-Stamp Doesn't Require Any Bonding Agent - Just Add Water! Super- Stamp is for both exterior and interior use. Super-Stamp Is Available In White & Gray.
Liquid Release Agent - Is Designed To Make Applying Textures To Concrete Easy And Error-free While Extending Stamping Tool Life. Liquid Release Agent Acts As A Lubricant And Conditioner To Keep Tools Clean.

Super-Krete's "Green" products.

Clear Seal Plus - Is A Deep Penetrating Acrylic/urethane Sealer Brings A Semi-gloss Finish And Durable Protection To Old And New Surfaces. Clear Seal Plus Is The Perfect Choice For Sealing Heavy Foot Traffic Areas And In Residential Interiors.
Super-Krete LEED points
Supra-Seal I- Is A High-gloss, Clear Acrylic/lacquer Protective Sealer For Use Over Super-Krete Decorative Overlayments, Concrete And Masonry Substrates. Supra-Seal Can Be Used For Interior And Exterior Applications And Provides A Tough And Durable Wearing Surface. It Contains An Ultra Low VOC Content That Is Compliant In The Most Strictly Regulated Areas, Including Southern California. When Exposed To UV Rays, Supra-Seal Will Not Yellow.
Pene-Krete - Is A Non-hazardous Penetrating Sealer For Use On All Concrete And Masonry Substrates. Pene-Krete Reacts With Alkali And Free Lime In Common Cement And Creates An Internal Crystal-like Shield, Increasing The Strength Of New And Existing Concrete And Masonry And Reduces Moisture Vapor Transmission. It Protects Surfaces From Freeze/thaw Damage, Reduces Dusting Of Concrete, And Increases Coating Life By As Much As 300%.

Super-Krete's ® LEED qualifying products.